How are you coping with a deployment?

Share your story.

We’ve been through it.

You are not alone.


One thought on “Invitation

  1. One of the best things ANY parent of deployed military can do
    is hook up with an online parent support group.

    A Google search of military support along with the branch of
    service should turn up some areas.

    OR…….. you can go to

    and search there with the words military support and the branch.

    If anyone is an Air Force Parent like I am, I can direct you
    to a wonderful AF Parents support group that I am a member of.

    Just drop me an email.

    The reason for joining an online group is that most likely no one
    in your immediate group of friends will know any thing of what
    you are going through. The group will support you just like
    long lost family. !!! BECAUSE they really ARE your new family.

    XO XO
    Deb in Ohio
    Proud Air Force Mom
    SSgt Vinny

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