My Story: Marie Kleps

Seeing my son leave…dressed in his fatigues, heading towards dangerous territory in Iraq…trying to hold onto him one last time with  hugs and kisses… having to let go so he can serve and defend our country to the best of his ability and give freedom to others …was heart wrenching … I wanted to protect him like I always had, but now it was time to let him go.  He had to leave the vice like grip of his Mother’s arms around him.  I watched him walk away…so proud, so strong, so brave …all the while my heart was breaking under all the pressure of possibly never seeing him again.

Jason, my only son, raised by me alone, chose to serve his country in the Army after receiving his Degree in History as an Ashbrook Scholar from Ashland University. Military history was Jason’s passion and he excelled in learning about military strategies, battles, wars and historical maps around the globe.

Then came the call after his second deployment…Jason was injured by shrapnel from a bomb that exploded on his base in Kirkuk, Iraq.  I received that call at work. Jason was on the phone reassuring me that he was “ok” and, for me, not to worry!  The news brought me to my knees.

The love for Jason plus prayers and support from friends, co-workers, and family has given me the strength to endure living through this most difficult time.

 Reading newspapers and listening to the news on TV adds to my emotional, heartfelt concern. All the men and women in uniform are our sons and daughters. We love them so dearly in our hearts and souls.  We are so very proud of them and their sacrifice to defend our country and make a difference in other people’s lives.

I am the proud Mom of:  SGT. Jason M. Kleps.

Marie Kleps
Parma Heights, Ohio


One thought on “My Story: Marie Kleps

  1. Dear Marie,

    I bet military families from Northern Ohio could write a book titled…
    Our Military Goodbyes at Hopkins International Airport.

    What a fine young man YOU raised. !!!!

    Your words are so true, that ‘they are OUR sons and daughters.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    xo xo
    Deb Estep
    Twinsburg, Ohio
    Proud AF Mom
    SSgt Vinny

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